Reviewing Aaron Watson - "That Look"

Friday, October 17, 2014

First of let me tell you how much I love this Artist! He is one of the most sweet guys in the world! He cares about his fans! And you can tell by every song he sings!

Okay that Look. Oh this song makes me weak at my knees! I love the way he talks about his wife!

I hope some day a wonderful man will sing to me. I hope that every girl who listens to this song will raise their standards so they will look for a great country Godly man like Aaron Watson. There is a part in the song where he says, "she's like a Sunday morning, and he is a dance on Saturday night." Isn't that one of the sweetest thing!

Aaron I can not wait for your new Album "The Underdog" to come out!

everyone if you have any suggestions on albums or singles I should review let me know! Comment like and share!

And go buy his new Song "that look'!!!

xxx West Texas Sweetheart

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