A Little look at Dalton Domino

Monday, November 10, 2014

By Paige Skinner
Guest Contributor

Before Friday night, my knowledge of Dalton Domino was that my friend once saw him hitting beer cans with a baseball bat in a backyard all by himself and that he tweets things like this:

So I knew he knew how to party. That was never a question or point of concern. But could he play? Could he sing? 

The answer is simple. Yes, Dalton Domino is everything you think he is: Texas country artist, who plays the guitar, has a strong, deep voice, and a band that is so good that I actually hate all of them.

(It’s important to note that I approached his backup singer after the show to tell her she was so cute that I hated her. She thanked me.)

The band behind Dalton goes by the Front Porch Family Band and I read somewhere that Dalton and Levi (a band member who I swear is always on a different planet) founded the band on a front porch in Lubbock. Later, by the graces of God, the other band members joined and formed something great.

If you like the Josh Abbott band, then you have terrible taste in human beings because he cheated on his wife. Dalton does not have a wife that we know of, so he’s automatically better than JAB.

If you like Kyle Park, then seriously, why do you enjoy listening to midgets with annoying voices? (Is midget politically correct? Do I care?) Dalton is 14 times better than Kyle Park could ever be mainly because Dalton could eat him and I would enjoy watching that eating contest.

Fans loved him. Straight girls loved him. After the show, a gaggle of girls were backstage begging him for an autograph. I was like, ‘Oh???? I didn’t realize you were Mick Jagger???’ Dalton probably has fewer STDs, but who knows.

What we do know is “Dallas,” the band’s most recent tune, is good. You might find yourself dancing to it if you’re into that kind of thing. If not, then you’ll most definitely find yourself sitting and watching people dance and make out to it. And about that first love from Frisco line that comes in the song’s first verse? I learned all about her from Dalton’s family friend. Don’t ask me to repeat anything because the beer was at full force by then and all I really remember is she was described as a not-nice-word. But those kinds of girls make for the best writing material.

I’m using a lot of words to tell you one thing: Buy Dalton’s “Dallas” on iTunes. It’s 99 cents, which is the same price as two tacos from Jack In The Box, and if you live in Lubbock, Jack In The Box isn’t even an option anymore, so “Dallas” is automatically a better choice.

Also, one more thing. See him and his band live. They’re good. Remember they’re so good, I actually hate them, which is really quite the compliment considering I hate all the best musicians in the world (Carrie Underwood is so good and pretty I hate her and I realize comparing Dalton Domino to Carrie Underwood isn’t smart, but here I am).

Don’t be an idiot. Do what I say.

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