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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Kate Kinder
Editor in Chief

So a lot of people have asked me "Kate what do you call real music" well I would happily tell you my favorite list of music.

Cherokee maiden –Merle Haggard (this has always been one of my favorite songs. I mean who can beat a song like this.)

Mama Tried- Merle Haggard (If you don't know this song that is very disappointing I mean when I hear the words "I turned 21 in prison doing life without parole" you can't help but sing along)  

Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain- Willie Nelson( well I have blue eyes so of course I have to automatically love this song. I love the soul that he puts into his music.)

True – George Strait ( Okay this goes for the next song too! I just love the way George Sings and Makes my heart happy!)
Run – George Strait

He stopped loving her today – George Jones (Now this is one of the perfect songs to slow dance to... I can't help but sway  back and fort like they do in junior high!)

Texas Women – Hank Williams Jr ( I mean as a Texas woman I have to agree with this song. We do have some of the most beautiful women in the world.)

That Look – Aaron Watson (Okay every man who is reading this right now shoucld go listen to this song because this is how you should treat a woman!)

New San Antonio Rose – Bob Wills (Now this is western swing and if you don't know what western swing is then Bob Wills is the perfect place to start! Because he is the King of Western Swing)

West Texas Wind – Wade Bowen (Well as your West Texas Sweetheart I absolutely love this song.. Let me tell you a little story about this song. One day I was walking and all of sudden this song comes on my ipod and then it starts sprinkling! It was just meant to be!)

Amarillo Highway- The Maines Brothers (well they say my home town in this song! so I have to love it! Also Terry Allen also sings it but I think the Maines Brothers do it better!)

Leaving Lubbock- Joel Warren (Even thou I love Lubbock some day I would like to leave it so I'll Probally be listening to this song when I do)

Killing Floor-Dalton Domino and The Front Family Band (I love this song because I love the band and love the fun I have when I listen to there music.)

Murder on Music Row-George Strait and Alan Jackson (Yes This song has gotten a lot of flack because they are pretty much calling out a whole lot of people. Which I'm glad they did! Because it needed to be done! No more Bro Country!)

Roses - Bubba Westley (Everytime I hear this song I just wish someone would bring me roses.. Or sunflowers I'm not picky... Just something :) )

Please- Eric Willis (oh please someone come sing this to me)

Lonely East Tx Nights- Whiskey Myers (okay someone just grab my hand right now and take me on the dance floor and I will be happy)

No Stranger to the Rain-Keith Whitley (he is one of the greats so go listen to him right now)


The Trailer Song- Kacey Musgraves- (Well I live in a trailer park and this song kinda hits it on the head. Nosy people lol.)

so there you go most of my favorite songs

xxx West Texas Sweetheart

Ps Comment and tell me you favorite songs!

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