Review on Cody Johnson Band's album Cowboy Like Me

Sunday, November 2, 2014

By Kate Kinder
Editor in Chief

I love this album! Its really intense how much I love these songs!

Track 1 is Dance Her Home. You will be hooked by the time you hear the squeal of the steel guitar. Being a girl who loves to two step this song hits me hard in the heart.Makes me wish I had on some Leather soled cowboy boots on twisting and turning on a hardwood floor.
"Hey bartender see that girl ask her what shes drinkin,
tell her if she looks this way ill be the one awakin,
cause I saw her light up when the jukebox played haggard and jones
If she gives me half a chance at romance im gonna dance her home

Cause if we got to two-steppin we could come up missin,
and find a corner booth of our own
Just a huggin and a kissin like two lovers reminiscin,
man this feelings comin on strong
If she gives me half a chance at romance im gonna dance her home"

Track 2: Me and My Kind. Oh my goodness this song totally describes my life about a year ago. After dating a Rodeo Cowboy I was done. Done with everything country. I know it didn't take long to come back to the country side of me. But I'm sure that if I would have heard this song it would have hit me and there would be several tears to be shed. But who can resits the sound of Cody Johnson's deep voice? oh I know I can't!
"Cause she's over buckles
She's over spurs
To her you're just a heartache in a pearl snap shirt
Been lassoed and let go for the last time
No she ain't just over me, she's over me and my kind

I guess I ruined it for the rest of us
When I left her standing in my dust
Oh and lately she's been hating rodeos and Copenhagen, and trucks"

Track 3: Lucky. Let me just say in this blog I may sugar code things some days. But with this I will not. To tell you the truth I am not a big fan of this song. Other than the good beat that it has. I'm just not a big fan.

Track 4 Proud: Tells the story of a couple and how proud they are to be to be together. I think thats so awesome what I love about this album that all theses songs all tells a story. Every song Cody sings has a story to tell! And it seems like none of the songs these days that are played on the radio are not stories being told. 
"She's flowers in her hair on Sunday morning. 
And she's a Budd Light in her hand on Friday night. 
She's cornbread in the oven. 
She's wild and crazy loving me just right. 
Oh you know that's right. 
She ain't afraid to put me in my place. 
She ain't afraid to love me every night so every day.."

Track 5: Baby's Blue. I'm not going to lie this song brings me to tears. Baby's Blue is the story of a girl who just needs her man by her side. Trust me some days we all just to be held. And from the song you can tell Cody is willing to do whatever he can do to make his lady happy. Isn't that the sweetest thing ever! He is even willing to leave his job in the middle of the day to go see her. I need to find a sweet man who would do that for me.
"Baby's blue, yeah she needs me by her side. 
So blue, I can hear the tears in her eyes. 
Lord knows I need this job, there's bills to pay but I'd walk away if I had to. 
Mm, baby's blue.

Finally off work, crank up my pick-up, drive off like a madman cause she needs my love like a songbird needs a tune. 
I'll tell you just what I'm gonna do. 
I'm gonna wrap her up tight, kiss the tears out of her eyes. 
Man I swear if I hit another red light I'm gonna drive on through, 
I'm gonna drive on through cause.."

Track 6: Bottle it up.  Lol well all I can say this song is so funny.
"Bottle it up, load it in the back of my truck
Yeah, I bet you we take it into town and
Pass it all around and folks will never get enough
I said bottle it up, ain't no lying it's some mighty mighty powerful stuff
Sell it by the keg, sell it by the case
make a couple million bucks, bottle it up"

Track 7 Cowboy like me. I love this song! Its such a great song! But I could do with out the whole beginning part the station turning isn't my favorite part. Now let me tell you if you have a soft heart don't listen to this song because you will be in tears real quick. This happens to be one of my favorite songs. I think every cowboy does have a soft spot for his lady. And you can tell by this song Cody really does.
"Well I know that she deserves more than a drifter that lives for the lights
Smokey bars and guitars don't make for no fairy tale lie
And every time I head home I think I'll find her gone
but she's still there and still wants to be
In the arms of a cowboy like me"

Track 8: Hurtin. Speaks of the pain and hurt everyone has gone through. Which is a great song to help you get through some of the hard times. 
"Did you ever have one of those days when it just rains and it rains. 
You mind and your whole back aches but you get up anyways. 
You gave up your dreams, you got a boss to please. 
It makes you wonder if it's worth it. 
Loosen my chain cause even my pain is hurting."

Track 9 (I wouldn't Go there) If I were you. The story tells the story of a man's heart and the feelings he is having for a girl. His brain is saying no but his heart dosen't know what to do. 
"Heart, hey we had this talk
This is where we run, don't walk,
away from her as fast as we can move
Don't you remember what she did
The last time you let her in
Did you forget the pain she put us through?
I wouldn't go there if I were you."

Track 10 Holes.  Holes gives me chills listen to it now!
"There's a million conversations with my old man
'Bout who he was, and who I am
That I never had, I just wouldn't listen
I just kept digging myself down in 'em holes in my life

Down in my bones
From my heart, to my soul

Track 11 Give a Cowboy a Kiss. Let me tell you I would love for a cowboy to give me a kiss. lol I love this song.
"If you give a cowboy a kiss he'll want more. 
He's gonna want to give you a twist out on that hardwood floor. 
If you let him, girl if you let him, 
He's gonna sit you down on his tailgate, 
Pull out his guitar and play some george strait. 
Pretty baby, that's just the way it is, if you give a cowboy a kiss."

And Last
Track 12 Never go Home again. This song is about a group of brothers who are just trying care of there mother. The land was on mortgage I guess and the sheriff and the banker come to the house to come to take the land back.
"The sheriff and a banker man came to push us off of our land. 
Now we're six feet deep and my brothers and me we can never go home again.

Lord forgive me, I know just what I do. 
I'll take what I need and then I leave the rest to my momma and you.
And that tin roof cabin might not have been heaven but it's closer than I've ever been. 
God bless an outlaw's weary soul, I can never go home again."

Well this is all the review I have for this CD if you have any suggestions on what album I should do next please comment below and let me know :)

xxx West Texas Sweetheart

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