A look at life as a Tour Manager: Quayde Addison

Sunday, December 14, 2014

By Kate Kinder
Editor in Chief

Quayde Adduson grew up in Capitan, New Mexico, which is right outside of Ruidoso. He currently resides in Lubbock,Texas. His hobbies include: well let me just let him tell you, "screaming answers at Jeopardy, driving in reverse, going to The Blue Light, and hanging out with my dog, Woody."

Quayde with Ray Hubbard

Tour managers: What do they really do?
Tour managers handle the majority of the business aspect from the side of the musicians. We drive when needed (in my case often), help set up gear, do public relations, handle band tab and payment, and set up/sell merchandise. Pretty much whatever I can do to make things smoother for the band and venue. 

How do you get into tour managing? For people interested in the job, do you suggest them jumping right in, or learning the ropes doing something else first?

"I got into tour managing by selling merch for random artists at The Blue Light. Dalton and his band, who are very good friends, asked me to join them on this most noble and treacherous journey, which we call "the road." Best choice in a long time. My advice for others looking to be a tour manager? I jumped into this, and if I would've seen it coming, would've loved to have more tools to work with and/or experience. But it's different for everybody, although I believe that this is something that you have to be cut out for."

What is a typical day in the life of a working tour manager?

"The typical day in the life of a working tour manager: it depends. If we're leaving home, we have "van" call, which is when we load the gear, and then we drive to the venue. Once there, we check in with venue owners, check out the stage, unload and assist bandmates with setting up, set up merch rack or table, take inventory of merch, and from there just cater to everybody to make sure all needs are met and we're ready to go on. But above all, I have to make sure that everyone and everything is on time. When the show is over, I help tear down and load gear, continue to sell merch, square up with the band tab and bar owner, and most of all, keep every member of the band breathing."

Quayde with CJ from the Dirty River Boys

What do you consider the most stressful thing to deal with as a tour manager?

"The most stressful thing for me as a tour manager is communication. Everyone is human and sometimes wires get crossed, so the hardest part is getting confirmation from everyone and knowing everyone's availability. Just keeping everybody on the same page if you will. Also making sure at the end of the night that all gear is loaded, and everything is in the trailer ready to go."

Is there anything I'm responsible for that people might be unaware of? 

"I guess that just depends on what people think tour managers do!"

You’re spending a lot of time on the road with the same people crammed into a bus or van. Are you ever around any bad fights or arguments?

"As for arguments on the road, doesn't every family argue a little bit? We mostly just argue over who owes who cigarettes. Oh, and meal choices."

What can you tell me about tour pranks, or some fun routines you participate while on tour?

"Tour routines: There is a pre-show huddle dance the band does called "nah-nah." As for pranks, we have a no prank rule because we're all ornery and creative enough that it could be the start of a never ending battle."

Quayde with Josh Abbott

Best memory on tour?

"Best memory on tour: can't tell that one, but next up would have to be either JAB Fest, or Kalf Fry of this last year. It was such a huge step for us, plus the opportunity to meet and network with so many different artists was beyond awesome. Plus on every run we go on, it seems we see or do some little thing that makes it memorable. Whether it's when a harmonica player flicks a thumb-sized wasp into your pocket at LJT and you gotta strip to keep from getting stung, or your trailer door breaks off, every day is an adventure."

If you could pick, what would your dream tour be?

"Dream tour: anywhere in Europe or Australia/New Zealand for sure. But if I could choose who we went on tour with it would be William Clark Green, Turnpike Troubadours, The Damn Quails, or American Aquarium."

This interview meant so much to me. I'm so excited I got to do it! Why you might ask? Well I started this whole thing right after Gator Fest. Dalton Domino was opening up for Pat Green. It was my first time to see them live. After Dalton's set I mentioned him on twitter and he invited my friend Delacy  and I to join the band back stage and even gave us tshirts! So I just want to thank Quayde, Dalton and the Front Porch Family Band you have helped me so much!

xxx West Texas Sweetheart

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