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Sunday, December 28, 2014

By Kate Kinder 
Editor in Chief

Mr Ben Ryan of 95.9 the Ranch was born in El Dorado Arkansas, and lived in Magnolia, AR until 1998 when he moved to the great state of Texas with his family. He currently resides in Keller,Texas! When he gets free time which isn't often he enjoys target shooting and shooting clays, concerts with friends, disc golf, finding vinyl records for his collection! He also had this to add,"if there is a beard competition in town you can bet I'll be there."

What radio stations have you worked for? 

"I started at 95.9 The Ranch in 2008 but took a job at Kickin' Country 103.1 (San Angelo, TX) in 2010.  I departed from 103.1 Sept 2013 and began tour managing and selling merch for Phil Hamilton until being hire back at The Ranch March 31 2014."

Did you go to school to learn to become a On Air Personality?

"This is always a fun question to answer.  I went to Connecticut School of Broadcasting in Irving, TX but halfway through the 6 month program they went bankrupt and shut the doors after class one night with no warning.  They had 23 schools across the nation 20 or 21 of which closed, that's a lot of angry students lawyering up.  They reopened and we finished the remaining two and a half months of school in one month."

What is your opinion of promoters?

"Just like any job, there are good ones and there are bad ones.  At 103.1 I took music calls every Tuesday, dreaded speaking with some and looked forward to speaking with others.  I've dealt with some that seem to just be money hungry and even if they didn't believe in the music they'd push the fire out of it.  Also a real radio promoter will set up radio tours/interviews, it baffled me when I was told the artist would call to set up their own interview.  I have a personal opinion that every new artist should push their first single themselves.  If they do, when they can afford the $3,500-$10,000 to push a single with a promoter, they'll know what the promoter should be doing for them.  On the other hand, I've dealt with promoters that go above and beyond what they're paid to do.  Six one way, half a dozen the other."

What is your opinion of the modern state of the charts?

"As far as accuracy goes, paper spins happen more often than they should which doesn't help anybody.  When programming 103.1 we were "listener based and chart influenced" so the charts were not the deciding factor on adds, drops or conversions.  We should program for the people in our listening area, not the charts."

What advice would you give a young artist coming out?

"Going back to the promoters question, try pushing your first single on your own.  Don't burn bridges, you never know if that weekend guy you were rude to will be a program/music director next time you speak.  Never approach a jock in a venue complaining about their station not playing your song especially if they don't partake in the music selection process.  Telling your fans to spam radio station request lines or social media is very annoying and can actually hurt your chances for radio play.  Make sure before pursuing a career in music you have thick skin and understand it takes a while before you can quit that day job so don't get discouraged."

Who do you think will be the next artist to break out?

"Joe Teichman, Two Ton Folk and Dalton Domino."

What artist were you nervous about interviewing?

"I've honestly never been nervous for an interview and I've interviewed them all, pretty much.  The time I got nervous around an artist is actually kind of a funny story in my opinion.  Many moons ago, probably 2009, I was at LJT with Justin Frazell and TXRDR when Wade Bowen walked up.  I was nervous to talk to him but I was still pretty new to it all too.  He was very nice and I never got the jitters around artists again.  On the other hand I was super excited to interview Shooter Jennings and Cody Canada."  

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Thank you so much Ben Ryan you were so awesome and don't forget to check out his radio show on 95.9 the Ranch!

Xxx West Texas Sweetheart

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