Jackson Myers Tour Manger of Dolly Shine

Monday, December 8, 2014

By Kate Kinder
Editor in Chief 

Mr. Jackson Myers but the guys call him "Wacko Jacko"! He is from and currently lives in Muleshoe Tx. His #1 hobby besides music is Team Roping.

Tour Managers - What Do They Do?:
 A tour manager's primary job is to handle any and all business that goes on while on the road.

How do you get into tour managing? For people interested in the job, do you suggest them jumping right in, or learning the ropes doing something else first?

 "For me what happened was I went to school at South Plains in Levelland on a vocal performance degree but never really had the talent to go on the road as an artist but had enough knowledge in music that I decided to choose another path and shoot for the business side of the industry."

What is a typical day in the life of a working tour manager?
 "A typical day for me is being the first one up in the morning and set an itinerary for the following day. Things such as van call, load in time for the next venue, sound check time, set time, collecting the pay, hotel information and everything in between!"

What do you consider the most stressful thing to deal with as a tour manager?

"In my opinion the most stressful thing as a tour manager in my position is being the newest and youngest guy to the group. Most of the band members were already there when I got on board and on top of that I'm the youngest so it's a little bit difficult being the "new young guy" and being in charge of everything!"

Is there anything you’re responsible for that people may be unaware of?

 "Of course with any group of people when you spend four or five days at a time with the same guys 24-7 there's gonna be some arguments. Most of the time it's pretty civil and I'm not the guy that likes "tiffs" so I try to keep everybody happy under any circumstance."
What can you tell me about tour pranks, or some fun routines you participate while on tour?

"I'd have the say the most fun routine for me is Zack and Dillon's pre show Arizona Indian impersonations! Those two can go for hours with that and have the rest of the guys rolling and to me that as good of method as any to keep everybody loose before the show."

Best memory on tour?

"The best memory on tour for me would have to be having an artist pass at LJT! I went to school for 3 semesters at Tarleton and always went to LJT but being backstage was the greatest experience for anyone the just flat out loves good music!"

If you could pick, what would your dream tour be?

"If I had to pick my dream tour it would be living in a tour bus for months at a time without being home and seeing the country while I'm at it!"

Thank you So much Jackson! I wish the best for y'all!!

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