Jason Norton

Sunday, December 28, 2014

By Kate Kinder
Editor in Chief 

*I'm starting a series on people in radio! 

Jason Norton of DJ Tech in Lubbock was born and raised in Lubbock, Texas. He graduated from Coronado High school and then started out at South Plains College with in pursuit of a radio, tv and film degree.  He loves hanging out with friends and family and for the most part his job is is his main hobby. He got his start working for 99FIVE the bear with Jacqui Neal. Do y'all remember the bear? It was my favorite radio station growing up!

Jason with William Clark Green 

What is your opinion of radio promoters?

"Promoters are good for actual bands but for DJs and bringing "the party" as in fraternities and sororities into a bar, for the bar owner it's a waste of money in my opinion. There are plenty of us party DJs and even plenty of mixing DJs I know that would love to do bar nights and such."

What is your opinion of the modern state of the charts?

"The modern state of the charts are in shambles in my opinion. Too many so called "country" artists trying to make as many charts as they can and not actually staying with their own roots and their own style of music. Just because they want to make more money. To me, it shouldn't be about the money it should be about the love and the dedication of the music to entertain the world with your gift not trying to listen to managers and doing what the managers and once again that dreaded "p" word "promoters" want them to do. I've never been a huge fan of the whole music tv show either."

Jason with Kevin Fowler

What advice would you give a young artist coming out?

"It should be about your skill and your persistence to push and promote yourself to the liking of a record company not your luck and your sob story to America to get them to vote for you. There is so much Texas Country artists out there both a great personality and skill/ability out there it's hard to say who's going to be a break out. I'd hate to see any of them "sell out" and become the next Pat Green, Eli Young Band, or Cross Canadian Ragweed but I'd love to see it at the same time ya know? More like it'd be bitter sweet. More people to enjoy their music but less of the great music we all love and more of the drama behind it if you understand what I'm saying."

Jason with Aaron Wafson 

While in radio What artist were you nervous about interviewing?

"Unfortunately I never got to interview anyone while I was in radio. I was more of the board operator that got to air who the talent was interviewing. I'm more nervous now working at Wild West getting to talk to the majority of the amazing acts that come through here as well as not screwing up the music before or after their shows lol"

Thank you so much Jason for all your support and I wish the best for you!

Xxx West Texas Sweerhearf

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