David Wilde

Thursday, January 8, 2015

By Kate Kinder
Editor in Chief 

Mr David Wilde who is currently is Program/Music/Production Director the The Red Dirt Rebel  105.3. David currently resides in Lubbock,Texas. But this man of many jobs hasn't always live in the Hub City growing up a army brat. Mr Wilde was born in Yakima, Washington. After being born in Washington state David moved all over the place including these cities: Stuttgart Germany, Angleton Texas, Texarkana Texas, Tulsa Oklahoma, Seattle Washington, Panama City, Panama (yes the one with the canal), back to Angleton, Texas, Oklahoma City and finally to big city of Lubbock,Texas. David has lived in Lubbock for the last seven years while here he enjoyed working at the station,(isn't it great to do something you love?) going to concerts and festivals and last but not least spending time with his little boy and going to his t-ball games.

What radio stations have you worked for?

"104.9 The Bull – Oklahoma City (One of the very first “Red Dirt” stations ever, this is a point of pride for me).
96.9 Bob FM – Oklahoma City
100.3 Kiss FM - Oklahoma City
Am 930 WKY – Oklahoma City (Producer for a talk radio show)
Rock 101.1 Lubbock , Texas (seemed like more of a jail sentence and one of my biggest career regrets).
The Red Dirt Rebel  105.3 Lubbock Texas (My home)."

Did you go to school to learn to become a On Air Personality?

"I never did finish school (also something I often regret).  I landed my first gig in radio while attending school. I realized I was learning more about radio by doing than I was sitting in a classroom. Then I just worked my tail off to succeed. I felt that for me, there were no other options. If this radio thing didn’t pan out I would probably be working a stripper pole right now. By that I mean the guy who has to clean the stage with a bottle of Windex and a wash cloth soaked in stripper tears."
What is your opinion of promoters?

"Over the years I’ve come across few people who have a negative opinion on what radio promotors do and what value they hold for the industry.  Let me tell you point-blank. Those people are very wrong. And it’s almost understandable to see radio promotors in a bad light if you’re on the outside looking in. As a Program Director, I’m a guy who has to make the difficult decision. There are only so many hours in a day. I simply cannot play every cd that’s dropped on my desk. I’m tasked with finding those diamonds in the rough, it’s a job I absolutely love, but I cannot get wrong. I feel the pressure every day. The radio promotor is one of my most valuable tools in getting it right. It’s very easy to become jaded with this position. I have singles dropped on my desk every day. And quite frankly it often feels like I’m wading through a sea of bullshit. The radio promotor is the one who throws me a lifeline so I can make a more informed decision. The good radio promotor knows how picky Lubbock can be and plans accordingly."

What is your opinion of the modern state of the charts?

"Not sure I really have an opinion one way or the other here? This is a pretty cut and dry part of my job. I submit weekly reports to both charts and they publish the results. There are no conspiracy theories I can think of. It’s a simple matter of numbers and how they add up."
What advice would you give a young artist coming out?

"Wisdom cannot be inherited or purchased with a massive expense account. Wisdom must be earned. So my advice to any up and comer would be to pick the brains of artists and bands that have been at this awhile.
Talk to guys like Cody Canada, Mr. Hubbard, Reckless Kelly, Mike McClure, Cory Morrow, Pat Green, No Justice, Roger Creager, Kevin Fowler, Larry Joe Taylor, obviously this could become a very long list, but you get the point. Ask these guys questions. If you ask the right question, I guarantee every one of those artists I just listed will take the time to answer."

Who do you think will be the next artist to break out?

"Dalton Domino, Red Shahan has a new album coming out soon, not sure he’s a “break out artist” the dude has been at this for awhile, but can’t wait to hear the new record.  Zac Wilkerson is a beast!! I will be playing more of his stuff on The Rebel in the months to come. Certainly Cleto Cordero and Flatland Calvary, I know there is an album in the works for those guys…..and gal. The new album from No Dry County should be stellar. Man this is so tough because I know and love so many artists…. Benton Leachman, watch out for that guy."

What artist were you nervous about interviewing?

"When you start to realize these are just normal people pursuing a dream you really don’t get nervous. I will say I did get a little rattled when I met Barry Switzer in Oklahoma years ago. Met him in an elevator, all I could muster up to say was, “hey coach, what floor”?"

Thank you so much for the interview David! While in Lubbock tune in to 105.3 The Red Dirt Rebel!

Xxx West Texas Sweetheaet

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  1. What a fun interview! I bet you enjoyed doing this. I really enjoyed reading it even though I don't know who he is! ;)