Jon Wolfe's new album!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

By Kate Kinder
Editor in Chief 

So big news!! Jon Wolfe has a new album coming out! Who is going to be the first one to go out and get it?! I know I'll be one of those people! I mean you can't say no to songs by Rhett Atkins, Brett Jones,and Chris Cauvanaugh!!

Natural Man Available for Pre-Sale March 3, Single “Smile On Mine” Available on iTunes Feb. 3

This new album is already looking amazing! I mean look at these tracks! Some amazing songwriters!
Natural Man Track Listing and Songwriters:

 If You’re Lonely Too (Jimmy Yeary / Ben Hayslip / Wyatt Durrette) 
2. That’s What I’m Talkin’ About (Tom Shapiro / Jacob Powell / Michael Carter) 
3. Smile On Mine (Dallas Davidson / Ben Hayslip / Rhett Akins) 
4. It Just Feels Right (Jon Pardi / Bart Butler / Jeremy Spillman) 
5. What Are You Doin’ Right Now (Ashley Gorley / Rodney Clawson / Wade Kirby) 
6. Don’t It Feel Good (Deric Ruttan / Jonathan Singleton) 
7. She Beats All I’ve Ever Seen (James Dean Hicks / Brett Jones / Jason Allen) 
8. Singin’ Thing (Jon Wolfe / Tim Johnson / James Dean Hicks) 
9. Natural Man (Brett Jones)
10. Outrun Her Memory (Jayce Hein / Thomas Tillman / Stephen Pasch / Kim Tribble) 
11. I’m Doin’ Alright (Jon Wolfe / Billy Crain / Adrienne Follese) 
12. Married to Nothin’ (Casey Beathard / Kenneth Wright / Shane Minor) 
13. When I Get To Heaven (Pat Alger / Chris Cavanaugh) 

Jon describes his journey of making this latest album, "Natural Man is a concept that I have wanted to record for a few years. This album stretches me as an artist and as a vocalist, while staying true to who I am. I have known how I wanted it to sound, and how I wanted it to look for some time now. I’ve been visualizing this album for such a long time, and it feels great to finally bring it to life!”  

Every one keep your eye out for Jon's new album coming out soon!!

xxx West Texas Sweethearf

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