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Sunday, January 11, 2015

By Kate Kinder
Editor in Chief

If you've been driving around listening to the radio in the city of Lubbock,Texas you've probably heard the deep voice of Timothy Hayes also known as J.R. on KLLL! We have all been warned that he will not answer when called by his given name. Any way J.R. Was born in Emporia, Kansas. Growing up he moved all over North East Kansas after his parents divorced. He has also lived Overland Park, which is a suburb of Kansas city, going to Shawnee Mission West (where Paul Rudd and Jason Sudekis went to high school as well.)  After that J.R. and his dad moved to Topeka and thats where he finished up high school at Topeka High.  His hobbies include well let's let him tell you about his hobbies, "As far as fun and hobbies go, they are kind of the same as my work. I love going to live shows and talking to people. That’s one of the reasons I started doing the podcast. (plug www.borderlinepod.com ) It allows me to get to know people and have people get to know the artists. I’ve been lucky with everyone buying into the idea really quickly. Oh, and booze. I like booze."
J.R. KLLL and The Miller Light Girls

"He's one of the most genuine down to earth coolest people I've ever had the pleasure to work with. JR is a great guy and I really like working with him." Jason Norton from DJ Tech and also the DJ at Wild West.

What radio stations have you worked for?

"I started out in California after being in the Army. I decided it was now or never to pursue my dream of being on the radio. So I went to the college I was no longer paying to go to, and stole some internship papers. I took them over to my favorite radio station and started an internship that wasn’t really an internship. I worked 80 hours a week for free. Doing everything from organizing and cataloging an old record room to going out on live broadcasts and helping set up remotes. I loved every bit of it. At the end of the internship, the program director from the country station there in Chico, California told me I should be on the country station. That was after I had been working to try and get on the rock station. He asked me “you like country don’t you? I hear you singing it all the time.” I said “yeah.” He then asked me why I wasn’t trying to be on the country station, and frankly I didn’t have an answer. So he let me be on Saturday and Sunday nights to start out there at KALF. I worked there for a few years, then moved back home to Kansas and worked at KQTP for about ten minutes. I then worked at a dog food factory, (no kidding) for about three months until I took a job in Denver, Colorado. Doing overnights and producing the morning show at KYGO. As soon as I moved there the program director didn’t like my myspace page and rescinded the offer. (Yay!)  So I took a job delivering bread out of Boulder. Until I got a job in San Angelo, TX at KKCN or Kickin Country 103.1. I worked there for a while and then took a job programming a station in Valdosta, Georgia. I stayed there for about a year and then went back to San Angelo to work at KDCD. Which bills itself as Lonestar 92.9. I got out of radio after that. Disillusioned with the entire business. I took a job doing customer service for a credit card company. I did that for a year and realized I needed to be on the air. So I applied for this job and got it here at KLLL. That felt extensive."

Did you go to school to learn to do what you do?

"There are schools that teach you to do it. But, let me go on record, those places are all a rip off. As someone who has hired people, I’ve never hired someone who went to a broadcast school. That’s for the radio side. I’m sure t.v. is different. I went to Butte college and learned some things, but frankly all of the stuff they taught us in the audio class was completely obsolete even then. I just didn’t know it. If you want to be on the radio, just keep annoying someone until they give you a chance. But don’t make it me."

J.R. And James the Manager at Wild West

What is your opinion of promoters?

"Promoters are a double edged blade. There are really good promoters. Like Tammi Milspaugh and Angela Lampton. Those two get my phone number. Everyone else gets my email address."

What is your opinion of the modern state of the charts?

"The charts, well the charts are the charts. I had typed out a long winded response but deleted it.  It’s part of the business. And the business is always changing. I would like to have the podcast music count as spins for the artists, but I haven’t yet figured out a way to accurately count those."

What advice would you give a young artist coming out?

"I try not to be a guy who gives advice. Because I’m not a musician. I’m a guy with a good ear for good music. That’s it. So, The only advice I have for new artists is to play with passion, and keep playing. There are so many people out there who want to be famous. If that’s what it’s about for you, good luck. Play music you love and play anytime you get the chance. Once things start falling in to place for you, you can start making business decisions about where you play and for how much. But no one is going to pay your band that started three weeks ago 1500 bucks to do 90 minutes."

Kyle Park and Fox 34 Reporter Ashley Claste

Who do you think will be the next artist to break out?
"I think that Dalton Domino is probably the best name drop here. He’s got a lot of momentum going. I really like his tunes too. It’s going to get real hard to see those guys here in Lubbock before long."

What artist were you nervous about interviewing?

"I’m not really nervous about talking to artists. I get nervous about the situations. Let me explain. I don’t particularly like interviewing bands together. I don’t feel like I get to know anyone well in a situation like that. So when I interviewed Eli Young Band on their bus, I wasn’t nervous about the people I was going to meet, I was nervous about how to get all of these guys actively involved in a conversation. I’m not sure I succeeded there either. I think that’s why I prefer to get one on one."

Thank your J.R.!! Everyone check out his radio show during the week afternoons! And don't forget to follow him on twitter because he is really funny and does giveaways!

Xxxx West Texas Sweetheart

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