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Friday, January 16, 2015

By Kate Kinder
Editor in Chief

Well this post is really special! Is about a fellow South Plains Texan! Mrs Sara Caudle originally of Levelland, Texas has done some big things lately! Including becoming one of the Managers at major radio station KWBY in Stephenville! Way go to Sara! 

Any how legs get started!

What radio stations have you worked for? 
"KLVT, Levelland/KZZN Littlefield/KATX Eastland/KCUB Stephenville (all at the same time, it was a network of stations) and finally, we now manage KWBY Stephenville."

Did you go to school to learn to become a On Air Personality?

"I went to school at South Plains College for Mass Communications but I didn't really have a desire to be "on-air personality". My choice was sales, traffic... the "behind the scenes" and to be involved in the community in such a great capacity. That is my favorite part about radio, the giving back and being a part of so many events and organizations on so many different levels. However, someone along the way thought I was good enough to be behind a microphone so now, I wear many of hats and I'm more than okay with that. I love what I do, every, single day!"

What is your opinion of promoters? 

"You know, this question is a touchy one for me ... I have many friends who are promoters and some I'm closer to than others. Some I have called on the carpet, which lead to even better friendships and if I'm truthful, it's been the other way around too. Then, there are some who think radio absolutely owes them the world. I have zero tolerance of promoters who call me and the first words out of their mouth are, "Here's what I need from you." There's a fine line in playing the game and being respectful. Truth is, I don't have a boss telling me who I can and cannot play. Truth is, I play who I want to play based off the artist's talent and how our LISTENERS respond. Let me repeat that, OUR LISTENERS respond. I play plenty of songs that I personally am not a fan of... but it isn't about me or a big radio D.J. ego, it's about the listeners and the fans - that's why any of us are in this crazy business in the first place, the fans. Truth is, I don't need someone to beg me to play a song... much less a disrespectful jackwagon. I'll play what the fans want to hear."

What is your opinion of the modern state of the charts? 

"What? There's Charts? Ha! Only kidding... I'm reminded, on minimum, 15 times a day via promoter emails that there are charts. I would be completely ignorant if I said that the charts don't matter, because they do. I believe that chart position gets you better gigs and well, further up the charts themselves and to some radio stations, the further you climb the charts, the more some stations are likely to add your song into rotation. Personally, that's not how we do things. We began playing Luke Wade 2 years ago after hearing him live. He didn't have a promoter, he didn't have a designated single and he wasn't on the charts but he was absolutely incredible ... so incredible, he ended up in the top 8 of The Voice. We don't take credit for "finding artists", that's not what I'm saying ... I'm saying that our genre is simply, "Good Music". We don't play based off the charts. We play plenty of artist who have never even charted and we don't play some that have made the Top 50. I guess we're a bit old school or raw but we're different and I'm okay with that."

What advice would you give a young artist coming out? 

"Saddle up and follow your dreams! There will be D.J.'s who you travel 5 hours to see who won't give you the time of day. There will be non-believers. There will be jerk faces who tell you that you can't do it. Do it anyway. I've seen plenty of artists that failed to impress me from the beginning that kept going that blew me away in just a matter of months. Keep going. Keep believing and never, ever forget where you came from!"

Who do you think will be the next artist to break out? 

"Callahan Divide Band. I was at Larry Joe Taylor Festival 3 years ago and walked by KSUZ's tent and lead singer, Colton Fox was singing. He absolutely BLEW ME away. That kid has the voice of an angel. Suzi Q kept calling him the "newbie". I screamed, "I love newbies!" That was the one and only time in my life I've been called a "Cougar" :) From that moment on, I became a CDB groupie. I've seen countless shows, they've slept on my couch countless times and their family became our family. Those guys have true talent and a family-like connection between the band that I've never seen before. 2015 will be their year!"

What artist were you nervous about interviewing? 
"Ha! Mike McClure. He's my all time favorite. I used to sit on the porch of Triple J's Chophouse in Lubbock, Texas when he played at the Blue Light because I wasn't old enough to get in. I just wanted to hear him live. Since I moved to Stephenville, I've been around him more times that I care to admit... and I never run out of questions to ask him. I've interviewed him a couple of times on-air. He's definitely the hardest artist to keep on track."

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Twitter: Sara_Caudle

Thank you so much Sara!

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