Dalton Domino

Saturday, February 7, 2015

By Kate Kinder
Editor in Chief

Mr. Dalton Domino grew up all over the United States living in Alabama, Nevada, Tennessee, Texas, and etc. Dalton currently resides in Lubbock, Texas, with members of his band called The Front Porch Family band. This last year Dalton has accomplished lots of things such as winning the 2014 Larry Joe Taylor Songwriting Competition in Stephenville, Texas and winning the 2014 Ranch Factor in Fort Worth, Texas. Doing all this Dalton has really grown as an artist.

How did Dalton get started in the random town of Lubbock, Texas? Well let me you he was on his lunch break while he was working at a car detailer in Alabama. One of his friends told him to look up all these bands and Josh Abbott was one of them. He kinda did his research and found out about the Blue Light Live and Lubbock. He was amazed by all of the bands coming out of Lubbock like Wade Bowen, Cory Morrow, Josh Abbott, William Clark Green, Red Shahan,and  Pat Green. And hearing all of this he decided he was moving to Lubbock.

 Growing up did you think that you would get this far in the music industry?

“I've been around music since I was little. Did I think I’d have to have a job while playing music? Yes. But I never thought I’d be able to do this without working another job. Each day I’m greatful.”

What drives your passion?

“I love that it’s social acceptable to talk about shit. And the jamming lately has been amazing.”

“It seems like every few years someone breaks out of the music scene in Lubbock and brings a fresh twist to the "Texas Country / Red Dirt" label we file everyone under. Dalton is the next in that line. 
Once you hear the record or see the live show you can hear lyrical influence of guys like Pat Green, Wade Bowen and William Clark Green, but you will get a bunch of the attitude and punch of 80s and 90s rock we all love as well.”-Dave Lytle of 415 Productions / 415 Entertainment.

What musicians have influenced you the most?

“Eddy Van Halen is the reason I started playing. He made it sexy to play guitar. I also love several different kinds of styles such as: Punk Rock, Classic Rock, Hip-hop and Motown. At the moment I have a lot of favorites Charlie Shaffer, Ray Wylie Hubbard, and also several artists from the Blue Light Live such as Benton Leachman.

What’s it like to record with Jon Taylor in the Mt Vernon Studios?

“What I like about working with Jon is that he isn’t afraid to tell you what he really thinks about what you’re playing. I love playing at Mt Vernon it’s a great studio.”

Tell me about the new album 1806.

“It’s going along wonderfully. We still have a few things we need to do on it. But it should be coming out around May of 2015.”

What were the first songs you learned to play?
“The first songs I learned to play were some of Sum 41’s songs and Stacy’s mom”

What are your Favorite places to eat while on the road?
“Heartache-Stephenville, Texas,
Pancake House- Lubbock, Texas,
Marcella’s Tacos- Frisco, Texas.”

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Thank you Dalton it was very fun talking to you!

xxxWest Texas Sweetheart

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