Review of Aaron Watson's Newest Cd The Underdog

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

By Kate Kinder
Editor in Chief

So Aaron Watson’s CD the Underdog just came out and I’m here to review it!! In my personal opinion it is going to break some records in the Texas Music world. Aaron’s voice is deep and precise. He tells a story in every song. His art work really makes you think… will this go with the album and let me tell you right now it does! This is Aaron’s twelve album and been touring 15 years that’s about 2,000 shows. In my experience Aaron is one of the must humble men I have ever met. He always willing to stay and talk to his fans and autograph and take pictures. Which really means a lot because a lot of artists don’t take the time to do that! I love that he takes the time to do that. I personally think that this is record is going to change country music to its former glory. Currently the Underdog is # 1 on the ITunes Country Charts and  #6 on the ITunes Overall Charts and rising. 

So let’s get things going!   

1.      The Prayer-The beginning of the song reminds me sort of an old Garth Brooks Style but as always Aaron puts his own twist on things. The fiddle playing in the song is incredible. The story he tells is so strong. “My mountain is a mole hill/ My Thrown is a busted chair/ This crown has turned to rust and it’s all tangled in my hair/This High horse I ride on it gonna buckle at the knee/On my castle made out of sand I can’t not be the me” He speaks that he cannot do anything without his Lord. And you can see it whenever you meet Aaron.

2.      Wildfire- It’s one of those classic Aaron songs one that you can’t help but dance to. Kinda like one of the songs of his last album Real Good Time the song is called Summertime Girl. When you hear this song you automatically want to spin across the dance floor.

3.      Freight Train- It has a fast rhythm I know as the girl who has zero rhythm that I wouldn’t be able to keep up on the dance floor it’s one of those songs that I would just stand there and sing along.
4.      That Look- Previously released as a single it hit the ITunes country Charts hard staying at #1 for a few days which is incredible for an independent artist. This song speaks of the way his wife looks at him. “When she gets that look in her eyes/ when she gets that want you need to love you/ Right now kind look in her eyes/ She’s always looking so fine/That I can’t believe mine/ And when those stars aline just add a little white wine and the moonlight and that girl is of the hook/ when she’s good she’s good even better when she gets that look”

5.      Getaway Truck- one of the other songs that were released early! I love this song! It’s catchy and fun! You just want to dance when you hear it!

6.      Bluebonnets (Julia’s song)- This song is so powerful! Aaron wrote it for his daughter that he and his wife lost a few years ago. It was a very tragic event in Texas Music. This song makes me cry every time I hear it. “Just like bluebonnets in the spring/ We’re only here for a little while/ It’s beautiful and bitter sweet/ So make the most of every mile/ So pack light and love heavy/ Give it all your heart and soul/So in the end you won’t regret one thing/ Life bluebonnets in the Spring”

7.      That’s Why God made Cowboys-This is one of those songs that you can’t help but dance too I really have to put it in my top 5 favorite songs to dance to. Aaron sings about how cowboys take care of the Lord’s land and that why the Lord’s them.

8.      That’s Gonna Leave a Mark- Now all you AW fans don’t get mad at me when I say this but this song reminds me of something George Strait would have sang back in the 90’s which that’s a big compliment from me. Why you may ask? Well because 90’s country is one of my favorite music period. And the fiddle playing in it is amazing! I also have to stay the steel guitar on this album is very good!

9.      The Underdog- The song that is also the name of the album. Listening to the song talking about the everyday struggles people has being the underdog in life. Being an underdog myself I think this song is so inspirational. “Follow your heart and always believe in the Underdog”

10.  Blame it on Those Baby Blues- Aaron and Mr. Hunter Hutchinson got to co-write this song! This is one or those songs that you can’t hold still to. You just have to dance. That’s what I love about Aaron’s music. You can feel his heart in all of his music.

11.  One of Your Nights- Now this song is the one you will want to listen on your special date nights. With this song you can’t help but want to slow dance when you hear this song.

12.  Family Tree- I love this song because as usual Aaron paints a picture when he sings. You know what this song actually reminds me of just the it goes together is Tall Tall Trees By Alan Jackson.

13.  Rodeo Queen- This song is just one of those fun songs that makes you want to dance! “I’m in love with Rodeo Queen” It’s just one of those fun cowboy songs.

14.  Fence Post- This song speaks about the exercise that Aaron had on time in the office of a record producer in Nashville. The guy pretty much told him that he didn’t have commercial appeal to make it in there. So he left. “I’d Rather be a fence post in Texas then the king of Tennessee”  

I am loving this record and I think this is really going to change what people outside of Texas think of country music. He is bringing the Cowboy back into country. Because lately have you noticed that country music is no longer about Cowboys and they are no longer telling a story about something it seem just like whatever rhymes with dirt roads. They think if they mention Waylon or Merle then its country let me tell you that does not make it country.  

One of Aaron’s close friends had this to say about the new album.
“I would say this record is one of a kind. It’s own sound and its own style. It's putting back the bite into country music which has ventured off the last couple years. It's refreshing to hear stuff like this coming out.”-Hunter Hutchinson Co-Writer of Blame it on Those Baby Blues

I hope y’all go out and buy his album! It’s amazing don’t be afraid to share what you think about the album!!

Xxx West Texas Sweetheart


  1. I love country music, I will definitely be checking this out. Anyone who brings the "cowboy back into country" is someone worth listening to!

  2. This was a great read, and I definitely had to check his new album out due to your review. I am loving The Underdog!