The LJT Experience

Friday, February 27, 2015

By Kate Kinder
Editor in Chief

So I’m gearing up for this year’s Larry Joe Taylor Festival! It’s pretty exciting! I’ve heard a lot of stories from past years and, thought it would be fun to share some of them! Just warning y’all there are some crazy things that happen at this event! So here are a few stories from a few friends!

“My favorite story (to date) was LJT 2014 on Friday night through Saturday morning. There were about 15 of us that stuck it out, pickin' and grinin' around the campfire until about 8:00 Saturday morning. I had played my cajon so long, my hands were bleeding, we ended the morning with all of us singing "14 Miles from Home" by Six Market Blvd as Josh Serrato was playing with us and we were singing so loud that our fellow radio row friends came out of their campers, looked at us as if to say, "Why are you still here....and awake....and so loud?" Kim Nash, the beautiful wife of Jim Nash of 106.9 The Ranch in Corsicana told me to go wake Jim up but said that I'd have to cuddle with him first because he likes to cuddle. haha who know? Jim likes to cuddle. I attempted to wake him up but failed. I suppose because I didn't cuddle. Ha!

Another time there was this really cool older guy who was playing a washtub bass and had told us earlier in the morning that he had a longhorn in the parking lot.... yes, a longhorn. One of our buddies went with him to get it, they rode it through the gate, passing by the sign that said, "NO HORSES" and when I finally looked up around 8:00, that longhorn was just sitting by our camper! "Oreo" had a saddle and everything. Kody "KJ" Josserand hopped on Oreo and went for a ride to grab a cup of coffee from one of the vendors. Larry Joe said that this year, the sign will read, "NO LIVESTOCK".”
-Sara Caudle
Station General Manager
KWBY 107.9 & 98.5 Stephenville

Those are some crazy stories from Mrs Sara. Now Mr Ben Ryan has a little something to say about LJT!

“Larry Joe Taylor Texas Music Festival brings the top Texas & Red Dirt bands from all over to Stephenville, TX for the biggest celebration of this music I've ever seen.  Imagine a party with over 60,000 people. It's the Woodstock of this music scene, if I can say that.  Rumor is there's a chili cook off too but I've never seen any chili.  LJT is a lot of fun but you may need the entire next week to recover.  Advice to new comers, bring a plethora of water and sunscreen along with your festive drinks and food!”
-Ben Ryan
95.9 The Ranch

Thank y’all for warning me of the craziness that happens at LJT!! Can’t wait to exercise it for myself! Stayed tuned for more stories from LJT!! 

Xxx West Texas Sweetheart

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