Review of Hunter Hutchinson's latest album What Do You Say

Saturday, March 7, 2015

By Kate Kinder
Editor in Chief

So I am excited to review Hunter Hutchinson’s album What Do You Say. I have seen Hunter preform several times and let me tell you what Hunter will be the next big thing in Texas Country!!In fact the first day his album came available to purchase on ITunes it became #12 on the ITunes Country Charts! Isn’t that an amazing accomplishment?  So let’s get this thing going!

1.      Dance All Night- The first song on the album is going to make you get up and spin your girl around the dance floor. Let me tell you the musicians are incredible on this album! “You make want to dance all night under the neon moon/ Two steppin to an old Keith Whitley tune” I mean how can you not love a song that doesn’t mention Keith Whitley! I would love to recommend this song to anyone who is down to Dance All Night

2.      What Do You Say- Another song to drag someone onto the dance floor to. This song kind of reminds me old school country. Back when songs were about more than just Trucks and beer. That what I love this album every song is a story.

3.      Storm to Weather (Featuring Aaron Watson)- Not one of my favorite songs on the album but in the song you can hear Hunter’s passion. He really loves what he is doing. Also I happen to think that Hunter and Aaron harmonize so well!

4.      Waiting on a Love Song- This song reminds me of something maybe Garth Brooks in the 90’s. Now before all of you Hunter fans get on me about comparing him to Garth, think about all of those good songs like Rodeo and The Dance. Amazing songs and this song is an amazing song!

5.      She’s Gone (Featuring Aaron Watson)- This song is one of those classic Texas Country songs. That you going to spin your girl to on the dance floor.

6.      Summer Love Song- This song will be my summer song this year! It’s just fun! The moment you hear it you can’t help but tap your foot too!

7.      Wine About It- I love this song. I feel like this song describes my life. It’s a sweet song you can tell that Hunter wrote about personal experience.

8.      Lonely Lubbock Lights (Featuring Aaron Watson)-Okay I love this song! I kind of even like it better than Aaron’s solo version of Lonely Lubbock Lights. It’s a beautiful duet! It’s a wonderful song to just slow dance too.

9.      The Man Who Believes in Me- Wow this is such a powerful song. It makes you want to cry as soon as you listen to it. This song is about Hunter’s late Father. This song really inspiring just because Hunter is trying to be a great man just like his father was.

10.  Texas Too- Okay if you own Hunter’s EP you would think you know this song. But he tricks you. This is not the same song. I thought maybe that it would be it would just be the same song and I was excited because Hunter’s voice has grown so much since he made his EP. Well it’s not the same song. Now that I have said that go give it a listen it! It’s a great song! Great song and I highly recommend it! 

Hunter and Aaron put together an amazing album and they should be very proud! In a recent interview with Aaron Watson he had this to say about Hunter’s album, “Hunter is just like a little brother. It was fun working with him. My number one goal more than anything while helping with the album was to make sure the songs we were working on were good songs. Because without good songs there is nothing. I am really proud of Hunter.”

Well I hope all of y’all will go out and buy Hunter’s album I know you won’t regret it!!

Xxx West Texas Sweetheart

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