Shotgun Rider

Monday, March 23, 2015

By Kate Kinder
Editor in Chief

This week I got the great opportunity to talk to a few great people! Mr Logan Samford and Mr Anthony Enriquez took the time out of there day to tell me a little about their latest adventure Shotgun Rider. They have recently released their self-titled EP. If you think you’ve heard this sound you are correct the two of the musicians of the band Seven Miles South are the leaders of this new band.  They bring a new sound to this Texas Music Scene not exactly Texas Country, Americana or Texas Rock just a unique sound to make them stand apart. I got to ask them a few questions so let me go ahead and share them with y’all.

West Texas Sweetheart: What makes your sound different than other bands?
Shotgun Rider: “I think it’s because of the music we listen to. We listen to a lot of Bruno Mars, Kings of Leon, Randy Rogers, and Wade Bowen. Our influences are over the place.”

WTS: What’s your favorite song that y’all have recorded on the album?
SR: “Alone tonight the first song we are going to push to radio. I like it because it’s pretty rockin. The story of the song is amazing Anthony did a great job with the lyrics.”

WTS: How has it been to transition to one band to another?
SR: “It was a longer transition than we thinking it would be. We kind of want to start out brand new with this new project and be completely focused on Shotgun Rider. We have faith and really believe in what we are doing. We really think that the fans will like the sound because Logan is still the lead singer and I am still the main songwriter. So the sound is still the same.”

And here is my review of Shotgun Rider’s new EP!

Blue Eyed Dream-First off way to start off a record! With an amazing sound from a steel guitar. They picked some amazing musicians for this album! The moment when you hear Logan’s voice you want to be spun across the dance floor. Yes that’s how I measure songs. This song kind of gives me a 90’s vibe which if you know me then you know that I love 90’s country.

Alone Tonight-Now if you’re a foot tapper I can tell you that your foot won’t stop on this song.if you’re a two stepper then your will be in for a ride. I love this line out of the song “Just because we’re lonely don’t mean we've got to be alone tonight”. I love the way he is telling the story in this song!

Dance or Drink-So I told the boys that I didn’t have a favorite well I think I may have lied. I think this is my favorite I kind of had this on repeat the last couple days. That is a big compliment because sometimes I’m a music snob.

I Still- I can feel the passion in this song when Logan sings this song. It feel like more than a song. Its someone’s story. Someone’s heart is bleeding through this song. All I have to say is way to go Shotgun Rider for telling stories and keeping music alive.

Slowing Down-This is a good way to end the album. It has an amazing sound a mixture of several styles. I love that you never know what they are going to throw at you. It’s different and in the music world its sometime the best thing you can do is be different and play your music.

So the rating I give this album is 4.5 stars out of 5!

Thank you again Logan and Anthony! Your great boys and I can’t wait to hear more from y’all!

Xxx West Texas Sweetheart

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  1. I met Logan at Bucas Open Jam one tuesday night. This was long before Seven Miles South was even formed. It was no surprise to me when Shotgun Rider started to be heard all around. Logan and his band has a strong future coming to them. Logan, if you're reading this, Keep it Real and True.