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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

By Mark Robbins

The following info is for music fans and musicians! In my decade of running All Texas Music, I found that a great many people from overseas order TEXAS music. And I mean Texas music in all forms, Country, Rock, Blues, Folk and much more. We are breaking into VINYL, as an article below shows. But here is a great thing for all of you - our TEXAS MUSIC CLUB - which is a way to get Texas Music mailed to any address in the world!

Not surprisingly, this was started out of demand, by some friends over in Norway, England, Sweden, Japan, Ireland, Germany, and many more countries. And of course, we have members in the USA and in Texas! 

Here is how the Texas Music Club works: on the websiteAllTexasMusic.com you will find menu buttons for the CD Club or for the Vinyl Club. The club can be joined for one single month, for 3 months, or for a year, with obvious discounts for longer memberships. The membership payment is made with Paypal. We then choose a an artist from All Texas Music each month, and that artist is sent a list of names and addresses, plus payment for each CD or Vinyl (sent via Paypal). Some musicians even choose to include their own promotional material with the music - T-Shirt, Poster etc.

So, the music is heard by fans everywhere, in the USA and overseas. We choose the artist at random, so that different kinds of music are sent out each month. We also sweeten the deal by sending all members a special gift direct from us, each and every month. This special gift is also a total surprise - it can be Texas Chocolates, it can be Jewelry made in Texas, we have even sent Hot Peppers grown in Texas! It will be different every month, just like the music sent!

For the musician, this means if you are chosen as the music of the month, you get to send out lots of CDs (or Vinyl records) and get paid for each and every one. Consider it a BULK order! As our membership increases, the more CD's (and Vinyl) we need from you, which you are paid for! Once your music is on All Texas Music (and the Texas Music Club) it can be re-ordered again and again.

For the Music Fan, this means you get a monthly surprise of music from Texas, and learn about artists and music that you may have never heard of before! We never received one complaint, because if the member does not care for the music sent - they automatically have a gift to give somebody for a present (birthday or other holiday). It is a WIN/WIN for everybody!

If you would like to join the Texas Music Club, see the CD or Vinyl Clubs from the menu at AllTexasMusic.com. It's fun as a surprise each month, and SUPPORTS a Texas Musician!

If you are a musician wanting an increasing number of sales, look over the SUBMISSIONS information at AllTexasMusic.com and email us from that website. (All the music in our store is also submitted for Satellite Radio play and royalties). 

The TEXAS MUSIC CLUB! Getting Your Texas Music to the World!

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