Flatland Cavalry's Album Humble Folks

Saturday, May 7, 2016

I remember the first time I met Cleto. He came to meet me to talk about the release of the first Flatland Cavalry album Come May. At first I was a little nervous at the time; I hadn’t really listened to Flatland before and really didn’t know much about them. A friend of mine came up with me to make sure that he wasn’t just a creeper. We discussed his favorite songwriters and what he wanted to do with his life. Looking back a lot of things have changed since we set there in that Barnes and Nobles café. His songwriting has grown so much. Makes me wonder if all those Monday nights spent at the Blue Light have made that big of an impact on his music career.

The last time I saw Cleto preform it was just a simple song swap with Red Shahan. I thought it was interesting more people knew Summer Time Love then Red Shahan’s East Side Riversnake. Which in my opinion East Side Riversnake has become a Lubbock anthem, but in the same breath I could also say that Summertime Love has also become a Lubbock anthem. Also not everyone who listed to Red and the Vytls listen to Flatland Cavalry…But they should. Any how I’m super proud of Cleto, Jason, Laura, Jonathan, and Reid, they really created something incredible.
Here is my review of the album Humble Folks:

Track 1: One I want: I think this song gives me some flashbacks of Come May. I remember the same night that Red and Cleto did the acoustic song swap, Cleto also sang this song. He told us how it came to him to write this song. That he wanted to show the young lady that he loved her. Not in the old cheesy, over done way that everyone says it. I tell you that if anyone wrote me a love song like this my heart would be theirs. I also feel the way Laura’s fiddle playing and Reid’s guitar playing add something special to the song.

Track 2: Good Memory: The way the song starts it kind of reminds me of a Clint Black song from the 90’s, that’s a lot better written. With wonderful fiddle playing from Laura it really ties the whole song together.

Track 3: February Snow: This was the first song I heard from the album, Cleto had come in on David Wilde’s Wilde Show on 105.3 the Red Dirt Rebel in Lubbock, and played it live on the air. If you haven’t cried while you’re listening to this song, I really have to question your humanity. Around this time I remember him saying, “I’m just not that Summertime Love kid anymore.” In a way I’m so happy that he is not because he has grown so much as not just a songwriter but also as a person.

Track 4: Tall City Blues: This song really reminds me of the conversation that we had at the Barnes and Noble, he was battling with the thoughts of moving back to midland and using his degree that he got from Texas Tech. Such a great way to use his creativity to create an alternative world within a song.

Track 5: Coyote (Ballad of Roy Johnson) feat. William Clark Green: When this song starts I hear the growl of Cleto’s voice, a side of his voice I have never heard before. I feel like when I’m listening to the song I hear some of Charlie Stout songwriting influence. I think this is one my favorites of the album! Just the amount of creativity to write this song is incredible! I mean how did they come up with story? I personally had to look up what Coyote meant before completely understanding it. Lol I am kind of blonde thou. I feel like William Clark Green’s part in this song really gives it a kick! Like when your making some chicken and you add the kick of Tabasco sauce and it gives it just what you need to make it a bad ass meal. One of my favorite lines from the song is “You won’t hear me comin, you won’t see my face, my name is Roy Johnson Coyote is my trade.”

Track 6: Devil off My Back: Starting the song you hear incredible guitar riffs that will almost melt your soul. Oh wow this song…. With Cleto’s sultry voice and very clever lyrics, how can you resist this song? You hear passion in every lyric sang, every, not played and every beat drummed.

Track 7: Stompin Ground: I remember the last couple of show I’ve been to that they have played this song. Something about this song will make you want to grab your dance partner and been spun around the dance floor. Flatland Cavalry really has something and it’s about time that the world hears it.

Track 8: Goodbye Kiss: Such a great ballad that will give you the case of the feels. The guys give you a heart retching story of saying someone you love so deeply. Sometimes you just have to say goodbye. So if you’re going through something this a great song to listen to.

Track 9: A Life Where We Work Out, Feat Kaitlin Butts: Just brace yourself your about to get chills all over your body. Special guest Miss Kaitlin Butts brings your soul somewhere you never thought it could go. With amazing harmonies from Cleto and Kaitlin it will bring you to a new place. I overheard Cleto saying, “When I was writing this song I pictured Kaitlin singing it” and look she ended up singing it.

Track 10: Traveler’s Song: Calling all gypsy girls, this song should now become number one on your traveling playlist. With incredible harmony vocals from the very talented Laura Houle, her voice in this song really gives you something extra. Now for my travel playlist it may or not be on it.

Track 11: Humble Folks: Wow do you hear that? I personally would love to hear Cleto sing this acoustic. In fact this song reminds me of times spent at Blue Light’s Singer- Songwriter night. Where people are just people, you might have people such as Jon Young, Dalton Domino, William Clark Green and Kaitlin Butts can just show up and play music.This song really gives me a Sturgil Simpson’s Metamodern Sounds in Country Music and a little blue grass vibe. Which is amazing. Guys y’all really did something amazing.

While I was getting ready to listen this album I was a little nervous. I was nervous because there EP Come May was such a hit how could they put do better than that? Well people they did it. In fact they hit it out of the park. This album is going to awaken people. Not just the Texas Music scene but the whole nation! Keep on creating guys and don’t forget us when you get huge!

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  1. I have to say this is an amazing review of a very talented band . Intact I really enjoy reading your take on the music I love . Keep up the good work