Night of Wonder

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

On September 8th 2016 I laid in bed and started to receive photos of Jason Isbell and Amanda Shries show at Midland College in Midland, Tx. While very jealous I was so excited for my friends who got to experience magic happen on stage. Several snapchats and instagram pictures later I finally fell asleep.

I woke up at 7:30am ready to see Amanda Shires at the Cactus Theater. I know its silly but I never got to see her play live before and was over joyed to be in the presence of an incredible songwriter. The doors opened at 6pm and I was there about 6:15pm. You could say I was pretty excited.

Luckily 24 Frames was filming for their show on PBS. So not only did I get to experience it once but I will get to experience it for years. They started off the show with the very talented musician Nathan Hussey from the band All Get Out.

Nathan had a very emotional set. If you now me you know when I listen to music I want to experience something when I hear it. I felt chill bumps from the first chord progression. It was a raw. It was emotional. While people behind me didn't know how to take the music and it kind of frustrated me. How dare they say the things they said. Ugh I'm still frustrated about it. I feel like they should have done some research before coming out that night because if they would have then they wouldn't have made the comments they made. Both Amanda and Nathan's sets were emotional and like they said sad and gloomy.

Amanda came out on stage and sang A Cappella. Beautiful, pure, and emotional. I don't know why but when I hear her songs I cry. After finishing her first song Zach Setchfield an incredible guitar player came out to join her. I like how simple but incredible her set was. There was no need for fancy lights or smoke. It was just her.

I think my favorite moment was when she told the story of being at a show and a man named Tiger Bill gave her Siberian Tiger claws. He gave them to her to make her bulletproof. She then sang her song Bulletproof. Which was intense and awesome all at the same time!

I walked out of the Cactus Theater refreshed and filled with so emotion that the first person I saw I gave a hug. Thank goodness it was one of my friends. I then headed up Buddy Holly to get in line at The Legendary Blue Light Live where Flatland Cavalry was having a show with Kaitlin Butts opening.

The Place was already packed. I knew it would continue to be a great night. Kaitlin opened up with my favorite song God is Gonna Cut You Down. Her version of it is incredible. It is completely different then any other version that I have heard. What I like about Kaitlin Butts is she isn't going to be anybody but herself. She played several other songs of her Debut album "Same Hell Different Devil." The one that always make me stop in my tracks is one that she wrote not to long ago "Elsa" which tells an amazing story.

Later on that night Flatland Cavalry had the place completely packed that at a point I had to step back and just to get air. They played all the favorites from their EP "Come May" and Full length album "Humble Folks". I tell you this band has something that has done something for the Texas Country scene and is the next big thing in it.

Over all the night was very eventful and something I will never forget.

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