Review of Amanda Shires's My Piece of Land

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

In my lifetime I have listened to dozens of albums. I try to have an open mind when listening to all kinds of music. On several occasions an Amanda Shires’ album has popped in my cd player. I have listened to several albums other than her solo albums such as Thrift Store Cowboys, Jason Isbell, Todd Snider and many more. Most of the time I am highly pleased and when I play one of Amanda’s albums, I was extremely pleased. Well maybe I shouldn’t say pleased. A better way to describe the first time I was completely emotional, sometimes in tears while experiencing the album.
Her latest album: My Piece of Land, there are several songs that are textured, emotional, and heart wrenching. First off let’s talk about the incredible style of songwriting in these songs. I’m not trying to point anyone out but there are some musicians that don’t put their heart in songs. What Amanda is doing in her music is not bland. Amanda is a story teller in every song.

One of my favorite lines in the whole album is in Mineral Wells, “Something happened in ’84, I ended up with two places to be from, the only tree with leaves in Lubbock with roots in Mineral Wells. Mineral Wells.” In that line it’s simple but for me being from the Lubbock area I completely understand. When you live here you love it but I think with my second favorite line from the song describes me perfectly, “I’m another one still searching for my home.” Wow. Such incredible songwriting.

I also love her song My Love- The Storm. The song starts with a screech from her fiddle that at first scared me, but once I listen to the song. I understood that it gave the song a whole new element or something more to the song.  In a way the song reminds me of the song “You’ll never leave Harlan Alive.” I know you are thinking Kate those songs are nothing alike. But it just reminds me of it.

Overall an incredible album that anyone who likes Jason Isbell, Chris Stapleton, Robert Ellis, or Lucinda Williams you will love this album!

This whole album inspires me to follow my dreams, and that if one girl from Lubbock can follow her dreams than so can I! Also Amanda keep making music and inspiring others!

Rating: 4 of 5 stars

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