Texas Music Takeover

Thursday, September 15, 2016

I recently got to sit down and talk to Mr Stephen Bethea about the Texas Music Takeover! Which was very interesting because in the past I have wanted to go to another event he used to host in Ireland. Splitting from that event has brought vast opportunities in London, England.
What are the first things you think when you think of London,England? Maybe the Queen, the towers, or castles? Some may know there is a plentiful scene of punk and rock music in London. But I have a feeling after the November 28- December 5th people will know that The Texas Music scene really has something special.
We continued to talk more and more about how everything got started. He thanked several artists for believing in the trip and going just for the experience.  But the people who really stood out while talking about the trip was Cody and Shannon Canada. The support and love that they gave at the beginning of the adventure and that continues to this very day.

I feel like this trip is more than just a trip its a place to go find yourself while being in the company of so many incredible musicians. It's a real experience that you won't want to miss. Especially with artist like Jack Ingram, Jason Boland, Sean McConnell, Luke Wade, Joey Green, Randy Brown, Austin Allsup, Eric Middleton, Sarah Hobbs, Donice Morace, and Aaron Sadoval. That really is an incredible line up to have in the UK!
i would like to thank Stephen, Cody and Shannon Canada and also 95.9 The Ranch.
For more info please visit Texas Music Takeover

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