Album Review: William Clark Green's Live at Gruene Hall

Friday, October 14, 2016

The moment I found out that William Clark Green was recording a live album at Gruene Hall, it took me back to the moment I first heard WCG's music. The fist song I remember hearing by him was on the Lubbock's Red Dirt Rebel 105.3 and it was Tonight of his 2010 album Misunderstood. Listening to that album compared to the new Live one is really eye opening. 

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If you  are looking for a cheesy live album this is the wrong album for you. If you are looking for an emotional and raw live album then this album is for you.  

WCG plays all of your favorites from his previous albums but I think my favorites off this album is his earlier stuff. If you aren't in tears by the time you hear WCG sing Caroline  are you really a fan? 

Tyler Miska who is on WCG's staff was kind enough to share his experience at the Live recording. "It was an honor for the guys to let me be apart of something so special. Something that I will never forget, I got to be on a Live at Gruene Hall album."

Just the feedback from the crowd was incredible. The way they set up the album it almost feels like I'm there with them. 

"The whole hall was totally packed and I was the only person who didn't know every word to his songs.  It was a loud, raucous night that was probably one of the best concerts I've ever been to." said David Ryan of on his experience being at the Live recording.

Thank you WCG for writing  the music that has got us through the good times and bad.

Rating for Live album: 4 of 5 stars

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