Interview with Derek Bohl

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

A few months back ago if you were to walk in to the Blue Light Live almost any night you would turn to the left then you would see Derek Bohl running the sound board. These days he is the one on stage, perusing his dreams.

He started to play music around age eleven when his were wanting to play music and wanted to start a band.But one of the things that really got him in to music was his school's concert band.

These days I would say Derek's music sounds like if early John Mayer and Switchfoot had a baby. Now that is just my opinion. His music is something to that needs to be listened to and enjoyed.

Photo by Gerald Salzarulo

A few quick questions with
WTS: Do you have a venue that you feel most at home at?
Derek: I haven't played that many venues, but I have always enjoyed playing at the Blue Light Live.

WTS: Who are your influences? 
Derek: I have so many influences but John Mayer is one of my major influences. I enjoy different types of music such as Dave Matthews Band, Maroon 5, underground R & B and alternative songwriters.

WTS:If you could open up for anyone currently on tour who would it be?
Derek: I would love to open up for Ed Sheeran or Dave Mattheews. It would be really cool to open up for some of my influences.

WTS: What albums should people be listening to that you love.
Derek: I would have to say
1. John Mayer: Continuum
2. Maroon 5; Songs about Jane
3. Justin Bieber: Purpose

I had such a great time sitting and getting to know more about Derek. I hope that y'all will check out his EP that will be coming out soon.

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