Saturday Single Review: Dalton Domino's Review

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Well the best way to start any day is with music and Saturday should be no different. So lets start off with some Dalton Domino. He recently released a new single called July.

For some reason this song reminds me of 1995 Rhett Atkins's That Ain't My Truck. Just the story line. While Rhett's song is more Country while Dalton's song is more Rock and Roll. 

What I like about the song July, Dalton put the soul of rock and roll into the song. I would say with his last album was more of a stepping stone for what will be coming out with his soon to be released album Corners. 

The song July was a Co-write with Kaitlin Butts's after a night where Dalton's band played at the Wormy Dog in Oklahoma. She lent a couch for the band to sleep on. "He pretty much had it all written. I just put a twist on it and added a few lines." said Kaitlin Butts.

I feel like Dalton is putting a whole new twist on the music scene. 

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