Say You Miss Me Darling

Thursday, October 13, 2016

The room was full. This was the moment everyone was waiting for. The moment that Six Market Blvd would take the Blue Light Live stage one more time, and very possibly the last time. There are the seasoned vets of the Blue Light who have seen 6MB play so many times they can't even many times they have been to their shows. Then there are the fans such as me who have never got to see them play live, but have built a life around the songs they played. Incredible songs such as Say It, 14 Miles from Home, and Silence in me.

6MB had scheduled a reunion show at the legendary Larry Joe Taylor Festival. Knowing this maybe the very last time to actually see them together I had to take the chance to go. Well knowing my luck I was unable to attend LJT. After playing the festival they made the big announcement that they would play two more shows one in Stephenivlle and one Lubbock. My heart dropped. If I had to I could literally walk to this show.

Clayton Landau and Josh Serrato 

Standing right next to the stage where I had to move over just so they could get on to the stage, while I felt bad for being all close and personal I knew that I had to experience this show up, close and personal. The vibe of the show was more than just something you would experience at some normal show. This show was for more than just the fans, this felt like almost a family reunion.

From the first few riffs of Say It, you should have already been on their hook. Josh Serrato's Six Market Blvd Lead Guitar player who also spends his time with William Clark Green and his band, usually they do a little tease into the first song they play with the intro to Say It. I am not quite sure if they completely understand the feeling that the intro gives us as music lovers.

Josh Serrato 
This music scene has done so much for people. This is more than just music this is people's livelihood. I personally think that this show was a once and a life time show. For those who were there we will always have the memories and for those who weren't there is always the songs.

I want to say a big thank you to The Blue Light Live Staff, Dalton Domino, Shelby Jones and Kolby Cunningham.


  1. Isn't it crazy how the music scene can give you friends, emotions and experiences you'll never forget??

  2. This makes me want to go to a concert 💛💛 What a special post. Memories that are worth their weight in gold