2016 the year I learned to love MYSELF

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Just by reading the title you are probably thinking how did you not love yourself? I was okay with myself I think. In the beginning of the year I was making bad dissensions. I was willing to put other people's happiness before mine thinking at one point seeing them happy would make me happy. Well it didn't.

Let's just be real depression is real. It isn't something that people just make up. I could not help that I was in this rut. I had a hard time loving myself because my whole life I had people tell me that I was Useless, Worthless, Ugly, Rude, Cold, a Brat, and many other words.

I didn't allow myself to feel loved.

Let me tell all of you who are going through a rough time. there is HOPE. There are people out there who love you and will support you through everything. It may take you time to realize it but they are there. Also its okay to let people help you. The moment you step out and tell people you feel this way they will be willing to help you.
April of 2016 to December 2016

I discovered this year I am worthy of love. I have every right to be happy just like everyone else. I feel pretty for the first time in my life. I love myself. 


  1. Things other people say/think are them projecting *their* insecurities onto others. What's important is being the best YOU. There's only one Kate and she's a blessing. So, spread love and positivity - that's all that matters :)