Albums I discovered in 2016

Monday, December 12, 2016

Well its about that time of the year where people are doing the best albums of 2016 but for me it isn't always what came out this year that catches my eye. So I made a list of albums that made me feel something this year. Just so you know I am not sticking to one genre.

10. Dust And Wind: Flatland Murder Ballads And High Plains Hymns- Charlie Stout
Stout has an interesting way of constructing a song. The way that he tells a story is really mind blowing. If you haven't heard the album yet go to his website Charlie Stout and check it out!

9. Badlands- Halsey
Just wow.  This album is completely different than what I'm usually listening to. It's really cool to have something a little different in your shuffle.

8. My Piece of Land- Amanda Shires
Just a great piece of art.

7. Live at Gruene Hall- William Clark Green
I feel like I waited so long to actually hear this album that every time I put it on it's like its something new every time. I notice new things every time I listen to it.

6. The Line Between- Grady Spencer and the Work
I am just a huge fan of the magic that Grady Spencer makes. Anything that he touches seems to turn into gold.

5. Dustbowl Soul - Zac Wilkerson
Just plain ol soul... His music just gives me the chills. When I listen to music I really want to feel something from the artist and I defiantly feel his heart in this album.

4. Humble Folks -Flatland Cavalry
I feel like I really saw FC really do something great. The time, the sweat and probably a few tears went into making this album and I couldn't be more happy for them.

3. Midwest Farmer's Daughter- Margo Price
I just love the way that this album was put together. I think her song "Hands of Time" was the perfect way to start this album. She really made art with this project.

2. The Very Last Day- Parker Milsap
Parker put together an amazing album all together. He has such highs in songs that you rock out to and then low valleys where you are really in tears.

and lastly

1. A Sailor's Guide to Earth - Sturgill Simpson
Well I picked this last album because it something different for this artist. I like the way they grouped him into a country genre and he covered a Nirvana song. The way he used strings and horn all through the album was incredible. I love that this album was meant to be a letter to his son. Which really warms my heart.

I compiled a Spotifly Playlist so everyone can enjoy the music!

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  1. Now that is my kinda album! I love music and I could not enjoy this article more. Looking forward to more articles by you now.