A Letter to Josh Abbott

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Dear Josh,

You probably have no idea who I am but for the longest time I was one of your biggest fans. I remember the first time I heard first time I heard your song Taste. I was a freshman in high school and it made me feel something new. You brought something new to my life. You brought Texas Country, Red Dirt and Americana into my life.

I remember begging my mother to get me an iTunes card for my birthday so that I could get his song Taste. So when I downloaded the The Josh Abbott Band EP, I looked at the the Genius suggestions that was when I found Randy Rogers Band, Aaron Watson and Cross Canadian Ragweed.

The next thing I found was "She's Like Texas" wow that hit me and I'm pretty sure every girl in Texas. I wanted someone to write a song like that to me.That song gave me strength it gave me a reason to go out and live life.

My Senior year of high school Small Town Dream came out and I still think that is my favorite albums you have made. The whole album was something that I could understand. I grew up in 708 person just down the road from Idalou. Each song was something I could understand as a small town girl.

Josh, you helped me learn so much about the Texas Music Scene.

So thank you Josh. Thank you for the music and all the good times,
A Small Town Girl that became The West Texas Sweetheart

Here is what others have said about Josh and his music,

"Josh was one of the reasons I got into this scene. That is what we did in high school and college, we went to see Josh Abbott."- Hunter Hutchinson

"Josh's music just makes you want to grab a girl and get out on the dance floor.  On the flip side, songs like "Amnesia" hits you right in the gut because we've all been thru heart break.  I'm excited to hear the new album because Josh and the guys in the band always put out top notch records." -Stephen Bethea of  http://rivalent.com/


  1. I have never heard of Josh Abbott before :)

  2. Oh, what a great read. thanks for sharing xx