American Aquarium live at Blue Light

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Well I can tell you by the time I got to the venue where American Aquarium was playing the line was around the block. Do you know the feeling when your favorite band's show is already sold out at 8 o'clock? It's a hard hit to the stomach. But at one point I was able to get in thank the Lord!

We started the night out with some rocking tunes from Koe Wetzel and his band. I was kind of sad though because last time they were in town they covered the Dixie Chicks's "Goodbye Earl". But over all they put on a great show!

Now for the show we had been waiting for! It's always such a big treat to have the boys in town. The natives of Raleigh, North Carolina graced the stage and really put on a show I'll never forget. Of course I was right next to the stage. The only bad thing that happened while they were on stage was some guy nearly feel on me twice. It was nice though when one of the band members came down to tell him that was enough which was nice!

I'm so thankful that great musicians like the guys in American Aquarium gave the Texas Music Scene a chance! They will always have a huge spot in my heart!

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