Album Review: Dalton Domino's Corners

Friday, April 28, 2017

Album: Corners
Artist: Dalton Domino

I feel like I have been waiting on this record for so long. After Dalton's 1806 I was happy but I was craving more. I knew there was something still working in him. I see now what I've searched for the last two years.

1806 was a great record to start out with. It was emotional and fun. So far Corners is dark, full of warning, and almost scary. He also keeps with the same style of the first record with  Decent Man. It gives me similar vibes as Killing Floor and Dallas. I remember the first time I heard the song Decent Man, I was listening to West Texas Live with David Wilde on the radio and Dalton told the story behind the song. Which is really funny because the song takes place not to far away from where they were recording the show. After hearing the story behind the song I wanted to jam to it on a regular basis. Now I can. 

Now the title track of the album Corners really brings me to tears. I think it's just because I feel like I've been in similar shoes. I've done things that I am not exactly proud of, but after looking back I had to go through that to get where I am now. "People like me have to live in hell to see if Heaven is worth it." I know that feeling and I'm glad someone put it to music so I can explain it to others.

I really enjoyed the big band rock and roll feel that More than You and Sixteen Years gives off. It was really cool to hear Charlie Stout on the record, it was a little different style then I have heard from him before. I like its not comparable to something else. Its just Dalton, the band and great producers. I also like the affects in Rain such as the rain sounds, the wind blowing ect.

Sister, oh wow this song is so hard for me to hear. I have a personal attachment to this song, having someone in my family who has a problem with addiction. I pray everyday for that person, I just want the call to tell me that they have gone straight. Just hearing these powerful words brings solace to me.

I have heard several people say that River and Monster are like the bookends to the record. I completely agree with this. River gives me a haunting feeling that won't leave while listening to the whole record. Its giving a warning that there will be trouble. It also gives a feeling of hope that you may get out alive. Monster is there waiting for you at the end asking you which path you took. Did you bring pain upon your family or did you bring victory or truth. I think it was the perfect way to end the record.

Now you all know what I think about the record but here is others' opinion.

"Dalton's new album showcases incredible personal growth combined with songwriting growth, can't wait to see him tour and his audiences grow with the release of this new album 'Corners'"- JR of Kora in College Station and The Red Dirt Rebel in Lubbock
"There's something about hearing a song that makes you think of every mistake you have ever made that's sobering. But life is about change and progress. As you hear the words of the chorus, it all makes sense. --Corners"- Aaron Aquirre of Texas Music Talk
5 stars out of 5 stars

Go download it on ITunes or a physical copy from Lonestar Music

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  1. Fantastic album! Can't stop listening to it!