Album Review: Davis Alan's Bad Luck Story

Friday, April 14, 2017

Artist: Davis Alan
Album: Bad Luck Story

The first time I spoke to Davis it was a Dalton Domino show at the Blue Light and Beau Bofling introduced me to him. Beau spoke words of prophesy that day. "Davis is a singer-songwriter out of Stephenville that is soon to be an up and comer." Well I do have to say Beau is right.

I see Davis's album and I see so much great potential. This was the perfect starting spot for him. I do have to say he had me in tears on his song Leaves. The way to win my heart is to make me cry so way to go Davis. I also really enjoyed his duet with Jackie Darling on Wildfire, great lyrics and harmonies what else could you want for a great duet?

Over all a wonderful album coming out of the Melody Moutian Studios with Josh Serrato and Ben Hussey. Hussey and Serrato always do amazing jobs at producing top notch.

4 stars out of 5 stars

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