Interview: Charley Crockett

Friday, May 19, 2017

Charley Crockett has the kind of voice that will leave a mark on your soul. The sound of his voice will also bring you weak at he knees. He brings the amazing sounds of Gospel, Blues, Honky Tonk, and soul into just one incredible sound.

While on the road Charley allowed me the chance to talk with him about his upbringing and the influence of music that music left on him. Splitting his time growing up in the valley of south Texas, then in Dallas and New Orleans. Hearing his music you will hear the spirit of New Orleans and the sequel of Honky Tonk coming from a steel guitar in Texas.

Photo by Lyza Renee

Charley has a spirit about him that is really freeing not only in his music but him as a person. We talked a little about his time on the road, "I spent time in New Orleans playing the streets and starting street bands. We would play over, in the French Quarter, on street corners, any where really we could play we would." He then spoke of  times he went out of the Texas and Louisiana area. "I would catch rides and hitch hike. I lived in New York city and again would play any where I could. I got the opportunity to go to Europe and I enjoyed my time there. At one point I ended up in Paris, France the language barrier was hard, but it ultimately helped me."

We talked about how he got started in music, what made him get into music. "I just grew into it. I remember singing along with my mom. She didn't push me into it but always wanted me to pursue it. I remember being in a store with my mom when I was eight and hearing The Supremes sing 'Stop in the Name of Love.' There is just something special about the music that just bleeds soul."

I have a habit of asking questions to make an artist really think and where I asked this one question Charley had the perfect answer for me. I asked him if he could open up for anyone who would it be? "I'd have to say Chuck Berry and Hank Williams as a co-headliners. I think it would crazy and fun at the same time. Lets just say people would be getting arrested."

In my experience talking to Charley and listening to his music, I have to say he is really worth seeing and listening to. So go out there and see him at a live show!

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