Interview: Curtis Grimes

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

In my experience of talking to Curtis Grimes I have to say he is a guanine and kind guy. We had a great conversation about life, love and music, It really refreshing to see someone who who shares a love of licks on the steel guitar and a love for Jesus.

We spoke about the latest announcement, "My wife and I recently found out we are having a baby girl. You know my wife wanted a girl, but I really wanted a boy. Over all I'm really happy to have a healthy baby girl." What a wonderful announcement for Grimes, I know that Curtis will be a great father.

Curtis recently released his album Undeniably Country, I had to ask what his favorite track from the album was? "Well I have to say Born To Die, It has a good message, and I really wanted to put out a song that showed my love of Christ. I also really like Had a Thing also, it really is my testimony." I really appreciate a honest song and both songs are very honest. Had a Thing will really pull on your heart strings.

Album Review: Curtis Grimes's Undeniably Country

We went on talking about Undeniably Country, I asked several questions about why he made the album. "There were a lot of different reasons why to make this album.The sound of the last couple records were just not me. I felt like I wasn't what I wanted to make. Like with Bottom of  the Fifth, the song Me and Trouble we put it on the album when Sirius XM Highway were playing up and comers. They (The Management Company)  wanted to have something that wasn't me. They wanted a song on the album that could attract a broader audience. Well after everything we were never able to get it on the station. So we pretty much recorded it for no reason." He went on about the difficulty he had with the album. But he closed with this, "I wanted to make a positive record. I wanted to make a record that sorta mirrored 80's and 90's records. I wanted to make a record that I love."

We talked about the decision he made a while back to stop drinking, I asked if that him quiting drinking has affected him while preforming? "Absolutely, I am a really shy guy. Being a musician and the front man was even harder for me. Drinking gave me courage to get up on stage and preform. Now I feel like I am have a conversation with the crowd. I have seen a different side of preforming."

I had one last question for Curtis and it was What do you want to be known for in this music scene? "I want my music to reflect me as a person. I want the glory to go to God. I'm not just doing it to raise hell. I want my music to be my Testimony."

I really want to thank Curtis for taking the time to talk to me, he was a a real gentleman.

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