Interview: Odis Parrish

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The first time I met Odis Parrish it was at Dalton Domino's Drinko Festival at the Blue Light. His kindness was really evident and that will always be something I will remember about him. The whole Koe Wetzel band really showed a lot of kindness towards me that day.

I really didn't know much about Odis other than that he played guitar and was in he was in the Koe Wetzel band. Well I learned all new tid bits about him that day. "I was actually born in Amarillo," I'm such a nerd and first thought of the John Bauman song Bible Belt. The song goes "Born in Amarillo when Reagan wore the Crown." Anyway he went on, "My grandfather drove a truck around the Amarillo-Gruver area. Later we moved to Granbury so my dad could go to Seminary at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary."

We talked about his first guitar, "you know it wasn't anything fancy. In fact it was a $100 Target guitar. Most people probably wouldn't think it was much, but it was everything to me." In my experience of listening to music to music it isn't always the guitar, you can have $1k+ guitar and if isn't played properly it might sound the same as $100 guitar.

I asked about his childhood and what kind of music really made him want to love music. "I was really into DC Talk. I was a really big fan of them and their album Jesus Freaks. It really brought a new element to the music I was listening to." We connected at that moment discussing all the Christian rock music that we had loved growing up. For me it was really Flyleaf but I was also a big fan of DC Talk.

We also talked about the kind of music that really moved him now a days. "I really like praise and worship music. That's one of the reasons I play music. I want to be a light in this music scene. I hope people see that in me." If you look across his social media, you will see his passion for Christ and a love of people.

The ever growing Texas music scene I had to ask if he had any heroes in the scene. "I have a few I have really been a big fan of Green River Ordinance since about 2008. I really enjoy their music. I also really admire Josh Serrato of Six Market Blvd and William Clark Green's band. I remember living sort of close to him and just thinking how close in age we were and how much better he was then myself. One time I was playing guitar at home and I heard a knock on the door and it was Josh. He said, 'Y'all need to keep it down.' I was just like, 'Oh yeah, I'll turn it down right now.' At that point was coming in and asking something like, 'Nahh I'm just kidding, have an extra guitar?' I didn't know at the moment but I was playing guitar with a legend."

This year was the first time Koe Wetzel and the band got to play at LJT not only play but on he main stage. I asked him about his experience playing, "You know I was actually more nervous about playing William Clark Green's Street Show at the Blue Light in Lubbock, than playing at LJT. It was really surreal for me. I was just really grateful for the opportunity." I then asked what it was like to have be a really popular Texas Music band? "Its actually really nice to have the stability. Before the last album Noise Complaint (Album Review of Koe Wetzel's Noise Complaint) I was worried that people didn't know who we were. A few months before it came out we would play a show and the whole crowd would know every word to our songs. Its a really cool feeling."

I really appreciate Odis taking the time to talk to me and share some of his life with all of us.

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