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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The first time I met Davis Alan, I was sitting on a bar stool at the Blue Light Live. Beau Bofling walked up to me and said I want you to meet someone. So I stuck out my hand and shook the hand of Davis Alan. Beau spoke very kind words about Davis, how he would be the next big thing to come out of Texas.

Seeing him play that night to open for Dalton Domino, I saw rough edges but a lot of potential. Currently Davis is working as the tour manager of the Flatland Cavalry and currently attending South Plains College in the sound tech program. Which is really handy while being a musician and tour manager.
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Born in Seattle Washington he did a little traveling while down the west coast spending some time in California. He ultimately ended up settling in Frisco, Texas. Here is a fun fact he actually grew up a few blocks away from Dalton Domino. My thought was what if Davis was riding his bike one day after school and saw Dalton playing on his guitar on his patio? Probably didn't happen but its cool to think about.

We started our chat with an easy ice breaker with our favorite ice cream, his answer was "Cookies and cream. I mean I love Oreos it just makes things awesome!" and if you were wondering what mine was it would have to be Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie.

We had a bonding moment once I asked him about what kind of music made him really love music? He spoke of how his dad would listen to Christian Rock. Davis spoke of many musicians I recognized. I then talked about my love of Flyleaf and of the scream-o and punk rock scene.

The time we spoke I learned a lot about his character. It really seemed like a time in his life where he is ready to learn and grow. I asked him if there was a time in his life where he decided that he wanted to do music more than what you originally planned. "Yeah, well I was going to Tarleton to be a lawyer. I was still playing music, but I came to a point where I decided that music was what I wanted to do."

I asked him about his experience recording at Melody Mountain Studios with Ben Hussey and Josh Serrato. "You know I had a plan to record in a studio closer to D/FW, but when I talked to them I just felt right about it. I recorded with them and Josh played guitar on the record. It was just what I needed." In my experience of listening to music that comes from the studio it always incredible. They don't let things leave there that aren't ready.

Review of Davis Alan's Bad Luck Story

One question I asked was what is his go to cover song he loves to play? His answer actually made my day. "14 Miles From Home by Six Market Blvd and written by Red Shahan, is my go to song I just feel like I understand what they felt like when  they were writing this song. I've seen the mile markre that says 14 miles to Stephenville. I also have felt the feeling of leaving Stephenville for Lubbock with it being my new home. I know both feelings."

It was really cool to sit down and talk Davis and learn so much about him.

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