Jonathan Tyler and Charley Crockett Live at the Blue Light

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Today I met the future of Rock and Roll.

Well maybe I am getting a little ahead of myself. I walked down Buddy Holly Ave hearing Charley Crockett sound checking in the distance. I walk into Tom's and talk to "O" about how good he thinks Charley is. I have to agree with him he has an amazing talent. I grabbed a Lonestar because they were all out of Topo Chico. I sat down on the back patio and hear the echos of Charley's voice, organ, and trumpet playing. Just hearing the echos through the hall you felt a new feeling of soul.

After the sound check I had the opportunity to shake Charley's hand. I introduced myself and he was to kind. Over the sound of beer bottles clanging in the background he spoke about the acoustics on the Blue Light main stage. It was really interesting to hear someone else's opinion about it other than my own.

One of the things I enjoy about sitting on the back patio of the Blue Light is that everything is personal. I was sitting reading a Rob Sheffield book and hear Jonathan Tyler talk to Six in the background. Talking about music and live on the road. Its always really interesting to hear about other people's view on life on the road. Tour Life: You really don't know it unless you are the person in the van.

Then I had the chance to catch up with Tom Mooney of New Slang we talked about the book I was reading and his opinion of Rob's style of writing. Its always good to chat with a fellow reader of Rolling Stone.

I had a great chat with Jonathan Tyler and his Tour Manager Tyler after talking to Tom. I was sitting at the bar reading my book when I hear Six say "Kate down there she is West Texas Sweetheart." I was really surprised that someone knew who I was. I came down there and set down after Six kindly gave up his chair. We spoke of bands that inspire him and books that he had read.

After our wonderful chat I continued to talk to Tyler "The Tour Manager' about how much I loved his Stevie Ray Vaughn tee shirt. He probably thought I was a little strange, but  he was nice enough not to tell me so.

Later on Charley took stage and stunned me. He brought a little west Texas girl weak at her knees. His style is really unique and incredible. He has a mix of honky tonk. soul. r&b and so much more. The whole set was incredible and I know I will replay it for years to come.

Time passed in between sets and I took a round about. Let me just tell you do not come to shows during Texas Tech's graduation weekend. It was an amazing mistake.

Jonathan Tyler opens up his set with a marvelous song that would literally make your face melt. I met the future of Rock and Roll tonight. The way he played his guitar really blew my mind. How could someone bring that kind of sound with just a sly of hand. I am amazed. He has a charisma: shall I say swagger of a younger crowd to understand? He put a mark on me and I know it won't heal the same way it was. That man can shred a guitar.

Standing next to the stage makes me wonder if the girls who stood at the feet of the Rolling Stones. I witness today a new age of rock and roll come out of the hands of Jonathan Tyler.

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