Album Review: Kirk Baxley's The Pain We Bring

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Album: The Pain We Bring
Artist: Kirk Baxley

The whole album will refresh your heart. I hear a mix of love, compassion, heartache, and a dash of honky tonk spilling over. You can hear the power coming from Kirk’s voice as he tells you each story. I really feel like the whole album is more of a book and each song is a chapter of the story. 
As soon as Small Town was half way sung I had chill bumps all over my body. There something special about the song that I can’t exactly put into words.
The song speaks of his hometown Belton where he spent most of his time growing up. I also grew up in a small town so hearing him of his experience growing up and experience new things brought me back home to my hometown.
If this is the first-time hearing Kirk Baxley, you will enjoy ballads, incredible duet and amazing tone. Kirk Baxley will leave a mark on your soul.


4 stars out of 5 stars

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