Interview: Josh Abbott, a Musician and a Father

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

I must say Josh Abbott’s new album Untill My Voice Gives Out is an incredible step forward for him. The style of his last album Front Row Seat just was expanded on the new record. The same kind of sound and the expiration of new styles of songwriting.

I got the chance to sit down and talk to Abbott about his experience creating this new record. “I have to say we took a shift in maturity and writing.” I personally can see the growth in the last two records. If you look at his first EP with the song Taste to the new album Till My Voice Gives Out, the amount of growth is incredible.

We talked about his favorite songs off the album and he had to say, “I actually have two favorites I’m Your Only Flaw is one and it is really close to my heart. Also Till My Voice Gives Out is one of my favorites because I put so much passion behind it.” Listening to both songs I have convince myself that I might have to play both at my wedding someday along with his song She’s Like Texas.
I heard that his band was growing by a few members so of course I had to ask him about it. “We are adding a few extra members to create the big band sound. We will have three brass interments and two strings interments.”
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Few talked about him becoming a father recently and if him becoming a father changed his lifestyle or his songwriting. “I have to say I have grown so much since I have become a father. There is something special about becoming a father, it changes someone. I must make decisions to not do something to risk my safety now that I have a daughter. She comes first.” I personally find that completely adorable. To tell you the truth its incredible to see how much Josh has grown not only as a musician but as a man.

We talked about what the future holds, “My next record I’m going to do something a little different. I’m going to do an acoustic record about my father and my daughter. This last year has completely turned my world upside down after losing my father earlier this year and the recent birth of my daughter Emery.”

The kindness and the maturity that Josh Abbott has shown the last few records will draw you in. The new record is really worth the listen!

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  1. Nice interview! I'll be checking out Josh's new album. Thank you West Texas Sweetheart!