An Incredible Experience, Feat. Paul Cauthen, The Texas Gentleman and Van Darien

Saturday, October 21, 2017

The sun was already setting by the time I got to The Blue Light. The street lights were just now coming on, the interesting characters were coming out to play, and I thought to myself that this night would make a statement on my life. Then again asking myself if coming out tonight would have been the right thing that night.

I hear the sound check start from down the hall in the Blue Light. I hear the whispers of what I thought was Willie Nelson at the time. Then I realized that there is no way that it was Willie Nelson. The things Paul Cauthen can do with his voice is incredible. The range he has in the voice is unbelievable.

I had the chance to sit down and talk to the opener Van Darien. We talked about the life, music and writing. The trips back and forth from Texas to Nashville, all the experiences she has on the road. “I started really writing songs when I was twenty-one, I then followed that by learning guitar.” I then asked her what was it like to live in Nashville. “Inspiring, the people there are just inspiring. The people that are there to grow in music and I love it.”

Photo by Tim Castleman

The next person I met was one of Texas Gentleman Mr Nik Lee. The amount of kindness I received from just sitting down and talking to him was incredible. We chatted about how the Texas Gentleman started. “Well it all started as an idea for a band, a group of very talented guys from Texas just making awesome music. Then at one-point Sundown at Granada in Dallas needed someone to fill in for a residence and we needed a name. That’s how it all started and now we have opportunities to play on the same bills at Willie Nelson and George Strait.”

The Show starts:
Van Darien comes on stage and blows me away in a way that I can only describe as unstoppable. I would have to say my favorite song she played was a song called “Easy Tiger”, a song she wrote about her grandmother. The talent that comes from this woman is absolutely incredible and I really recommend if you see that she is in a city near you to go to that show.

Photo by Tim Castleman 
Photo by Tim Castleman

Photo by Tim Castelman

The next band was to come on stage was the Texas Gentleman. If you haven’t heard of them before, please go check them out. The whole band is incredibly talented. Some bands have opportunities to have one or two good players, this band and I hate just to say that they are a band they are all incredibly talented musicians that come together to create something amazing.

Photo by Tim Castleman

Photo by Tim Castleman

Photo by Tim Castleman

Then Paul Cauthen jumped on stage and he just added to the energy I was feeling. Sometimes it feels like a band is playing just for you and tonight it felt that way for me. Paul Cauthen is one of the most talented vocalist I have ever met. He has a vocal range that will blow your mind. I came hope Friday night after the show to try to explain to my family how the music made me feel. It’s a mixture of Spiritual awakening and sexual ecstasy. That is the only way for me to put into words the way his music makes me feel. Every song he sang with the Texas Gentleman was outstanding.

This one of the best shows I have ever been to.

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